Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why hello there!
With less than a week til Christmas, I thought it would be a nice time to show you my favourite Christmas tunes (although I may or may not have started listening to them in October).
I'll keep this December playlist short but basically, it features all of my favourite Christmas songs old and new! It has some classic tunes by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole along with some newer renditions by Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera.

I really hope you enjoy and have a fantastic Christmas!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello everyone! Sorry for the unannounced departure from this little corner of the internet but I am here to say I am back! Several things have happened since my last post which has preoccupied me so I thought it would be best to do a little update: 

1. I graduated from high school and completed my HSC! 
I think I mentioned this before in other posts but I was quite busy with graduation and HSC (which is the equivalent to GCSE's etc, I think). Leaving school was quite bittersweet; I didn't especially like school but I really learned a lot (in an academic sense and about myself too) and I made life long friends there. It's one of those experiences where even though it wasn't enjoyable at times, I would probably go back and do it again as cliché as that is. I still remember the first day I walked into school as an acne ridden, shy and awkward kid and though I'm still acne ridden, shy and awkward, I've grown a lot and become comfortable in my own skin. 

2. Senior Formal/Prom
I also had my senior formal/prom and I was in the committee so lots of last minute prep had to be done. I'll see if I can insert a picture later but I don’t have many! I was hoping to do a video for Youtube but that didn't really turn out because setting up took longer than expected and then amidst my stress I forgot to film the video. I will be doing a New Years makeup tutorial though based off my formal makeup though! 

3. I lost my blog posts :( 
So this one is so annoying for me but I actually wrote all my blog posts on my school laptop and as mentioned, I've graduated so I had to give my laptop back. I put everything I needed onto a USB stick and then surprise surprise, nothing opens on my Mac (school laptop was a PC). It's not much but I did have some more blog posts planned out and even this blog post was just about ready to post. Now I have to re-write it and it's quite annoying. If anyone knows how to open an ".one" extension on my Mac please tell me! 

4. I got a job!
Recently, I got myself a job! I figured that since I'm not going anywhere these holidays, I could make some money and save for university (hopefully!). It's my second job and so far it's been my favourite! I've been getting heaps of shifts so my time is quite limited but I'm enjoying it so much. I've made some new friends and everyone is so lovely (and discounts are always a perk)! 

5. Youtube
I've loved Youtube for many many years and now that I've graduated, I decided to post videos! As I said before, my first Youtube video would've been my Senior Formal video but as that didn't go to plan, I've started a Christmas DIY series! There will be room décor, food, gift ideas etc for Christmas and then I'll be doing whatever comes to mind and whatever is suggested. I really hope you enjoy them and here's my first video: 

So there you are- that's what has been going on in my life for the past couple of weeks. I also wanted to mention that my blog will be 'under construction'. It'll still be accessible but right now, my comment section is hard to get to so hopefully I can fix it with my limited HTML skills. 

Hope you guys are having a lovely day! 


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello! Once again, I'm back for a new post and this time I'm not extremely late! This week has been quite hectic; I graduated from high school on Friday and I've had mixed emotions this week; on one hand, I'm glad to leave school because I don't exactly like the schooling system where how 'smart' you are is based on what kind of subjects you do (apparently, your marks scale higher if you do more Science based subjects like Chemistry, than if you do Arts based subjects like Visual Arts - which is a pity for me). However, on the other hand, I've met my best friends at my school and as my year is quite small, we're a close, tight knit group of friends. As I'm planning to move states for university, I know I won't be staying in touch with everyone and that honestly makes me quite sad. 

Anyway! Back to the post, today I'll be sharing four of my favourite uses of Coconut Oil. I think it's part of the new 'super food' craze and whether or not you believe it, I personally love Coconut Oil for beauty purposes. It absorbs well into the skin without it feeling greasy and since its pH level (it ranges between 5.5-7.8) is similar to our skins ideal pH level (5.5 is said to be the 'magical' number), it is great for neutralising your skins pH level. Not having a neutral pH level can be one of the reasons why your skin is very oily and prone to pimples or even extremely dry. 


1) Cuticle Oil
Being a high school student who barely has enough money to buy a coffee, I've become quite frugal with the little money I've saved and I've never been able to justify spending over $10 on a small bottle of cuticle oil. Honestly, some of them are probably filled with nasties that you wouldn't want to put on your nails anyway! I find using a small drop of coconut oil is more than enough for me to make my cuticles look neat and tidy while being much cheaper and better for my hands since coconut oil also has anti-fungal qualities. It's very simple to do:
  1. Melt about a 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil (the amount will change for everyone but I find that for it, it's more than enough). It has a low melting so you can microwave it for a few seconds or just put it in a small glass jar with a lid and put some hot water around the jar. 
  2. Apply a small drop on each cuticle and massage.

That's how easy and cheap it is! I also think it softens them so it makes it easier to push them back with a cuticle stick before a manicure. If there is any left over, it can also be used to moisturise your hands.

2) Makeup Remover
This is probably one of the beauty crimes I commit but I actually use a lotion to remove my makeup. The one I use can actually be used as a skin cleanser and has never broken me out. More recently however, I've found that coconut oil is also a great makeup remover. The first time I used it as a makeup remover I was quite surprised because it was as if my makeup was lifting off my face! 
  1. Melt about 1/2 a tablespoon of coconut oil into a small bowl (see above on how to melt solid coconut oil). The amount will change depending on how much makeup you have on. 
  2. Massage onto a small area of your skin and immediately remove with a cotton pad or a facial tissue.
  3. Continue doing this all over your face until all your makeup is removed.
I've also heard people applying coconut oil to remove makeup in the solid form by first rubbing the oil between their fingers and then applying onto skin. Since it has a low melting temperature, it can easily become become smooth enough to apply onto skin.
After you remove your makeup using coconut oil I would highly recommend that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser, just to remove anything you might have missed. Using coconut oil is so great for waterproof makeup and a little goes a long way!

3) Body/Lip Scrub
Scrubs are a must in my beauty regime. It gets rid of all the gunk which a cleanser sometimes just can't get rid of. Personally, I wouldn't make my own face scrub just yet, in the fear that I may break out however making body and lip scrubs are fun and when using natural products, I rarely get any bad reactions from it. I'll be making some recipes in the future about how to make different scrubs but here is a very basic scrub:
  1. Mix about 1/2 cup of coconut oil with about 1 cup of brown sugar. (you can change the ratio according to how you like your scrubs; here I'm using a 1:2 ratio of coconut oil to sugar)
  2. Store into an airtight container until you are ready to use it
To make it your own, you can add your favourite essential oils in it to give it a nice scent as well. This recipe is obviously very basic, but very easy to whip up! It's great for all seasons and makes your skin very smooth and moisturised!

4) "Pre-conditioner" for hair
This is my favourite way to use coconut oil! Before washing my hair, I like to 'pre-condition' it which makes it a lot easier to wash and surprisingly, less oily! I started this a couple of months back and I didn't need to wash my hair for about a week (I know it's gross but I just wanted to see how long I could go without washing after trying this), simply because it wasn't oily, which is great because I used to have to wash it every other day. It's so quick and easy and has so many benefits!
  1. Melt about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a small bowl. Again, the amount will differ according to how long your hair is - mine is about an inch or two past my shoulders.
  2. Wet your hair with warm water.
  3. Dip the tips of your fingers into the melted coconut oil and in circular motions, massage your scalp.
  4. Keep doing this until you have nearly no more coconut oil and apply to the ends of your hair. 
  5. Tie up your hair if you can and leave for 3-5 minutes.
  6. After this time, rinse out your hair thoroughly and wash your hair (shampoo and conditioner) as you would normally
It's so easy to do and actually promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating the scalp which is great for those who want to grow out their hair (I noticed my hair growing a little faster than usual!). Since you aren't stripping your hairs of it's natural oils, it makes it easy to wash too. Two tips for you if you do this: 1. If you usually use a leave in conditioner or a thick conditioner after you shampoo your hair, I would switch to a thinner conditioner. Your hair will be so smooth and nourished after anyway! 2. Don't worry about the coconut oil making your hair oily. After you've rinsed it out your hair and shampooed it, it should be all rinsed out!

So there you have it; 4 different ways to use coconut oil! It's truly a versatile product and even if you don't believe it being a super food, it's still great as a beauty product. If you try this out or have any other ways to use coconut oil, please comment below! There should be a new post coming out again this weekend so stay tuned :)


Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello! I do this every post but sorry for not posting. There will be a new post on the weekend- promise! I'm graduating on Friday (today is Monday) so things have been getting pretty hectic and photographing the posts I have planned were a bit of a pain but all is sorted now! Today, I bring you another playlist! Hope you all enjoy. 
First up we have Oceaán's, Need U. I mentioned Oceaán last month and decided tocheck out more of his stuff. I wish I checked out his stuff earlier because it's honestly all amazing!
Next up is YouTuber Troye Sivan who recently released an EP 'TRXYE'. It's weird but I'm actually quite proud of him; he's just a YouTuber but now, his songs are now played on the radio! Anyway, my favourite songs on the EP have to be Happy Little Pill and Gasoline and when Troye posted the Prides remix, I knew it would end up on the playlist.
Next is Work With Me by Kaasi. Kaasi featured in a previous playlist and a while back I found that he released a new song. It's been stuck in my head so I thought it was only appropriate to put it in the playlist. I find Work With Me so calmly and really great study music.
After, we have Cyril Hann's remix of Say My Name. At school, we sometimes listen to 90s/00s music in our common room and the original Say My Name is no doubt one of my favourites, but I think this remix gives such a cool twist- I love it!
Next up is Arcadia by The Kite String Tangle. I heard this on Spotify and it was one of those songs that you instantly like. I have to admit, it was on repeat for a good couple of days. I'm not sure why but the singers voice reminds me Bon Iver but I can't quite put my finger on it. Great song!
Getting close to the end, another song on the playlist is Lovin' You by Stwo. I think I heard it while finding songs for my August playlist but didn't quite make the cut. Recently, I listened to it again and was reminded about why loved it the first time. I can't quite describe it, but it's so catchy and not too 'hardcore' or 'jumpy (lack of a better word).
Next is FKJ's Flying Together. Much like Lovin' You, it didn't make the cut last time, but once I listened it to again I fell in love with it. It has a cool groovy feel to it which I love!
Lastly, it's a Ta-ku piece. This was the first song that I had heard from Ta-ku and it was instant love. Ta-ku honestly creates the best songs ever and I think you should take a listen to it!. Also, isn't it weird and that Willow Smith is singing this song too? Anyway, Ta-ku always makes masterpieces and I Miss You is no different.

Also, this month I wanted to introduce another one of my favourite bands: Sticky Fingers. They're an Australian band and I've been obsessed for about 2 years. Recently, they've come out with a new album called Land of Pleasure. Currently, my favourite has to be Liquorlip Loaded Gun and Gold Snafu. The best way I can describe them is chill and psychedelic with groovy (do people use that word anymore or am I secretly a grandma?) tunes. I'll leave you with the video of Gold Snafu!

Anyway, that's all for this months playlist! Comment what your favourite songs of this month will be for me! See you very soon!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hello! Sorry for being away for so long; exams occupied so much of my time seeing as they count towards my final mark for this year. All that's left now is for me to finish my major works and then another round of exams in a couple of months and then I finish high school (apparently we have around 40 days of actual school left!)!  
Anyway, it's that time of the month where I will show you some of the songs I will be listening to this month. Let's get started: 

So, first off we have a little 'blast in the past' with Bondax and their remix of No Diggity. This song was probably one of the first songs I heard from them and I've recently rekindled my love for this song.
Next, is a remix of Disclosure's song January by Kaytranada. I haven't really heard much by Kaytranada but I love this remix! This song reminds me of summer, which I'm currently craving.
Recently, I've been hooked on the Summer Playlist by JacksGap which is why two of my favourites from it is featured in my own playlist. I've been loving the Kygo remix of Ed Sheeran's, I See Fire and Lucy Stone by KAASI.
You might remember from my last playlist that I mentioned that Ta-ku is one of my favourite artists. This month I have a great song by him called We Were In Love. Great song in a great EP - definitely take a listen!
Going along the Ta-ku theme, the remix of Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker is also in the playlist. Ta-ku create an amazing remix which is somewhat.. sensual? Nevertheless, amazing remix and take a look at the song cover (I'm pretty sure it calls for the heart eyed emoji..)!
Next is a cover by Vancouver Sleep Clinic. I discovered them a couple of months back and their cover of Hold On We're Going Home (originally by Drake) with GXNXVS is breathtaking (it's as if Bon Iver did a cover of this song.. might just be me though). They give it a beautiful, mellow 'vibe' if you will and I think it's lovely. The fact that they released an EP earlier in the year and that they're around my age also makes me feel like I need to get my butt off the couch and do something with my life.
Nearing the end now we have a song by Darius. Again, it might just be me but I think Darius reminds me of Bondax or Snakehips. Anyway, one of my favourites is Espoir.
Last but not least is a remix of MØ's XXX88 by Oceaán. I heard this remix the day it came out and 9 months on, it hasn't gotten old and is still one of my favourites. Never gets old!

That's it for this month's playlist. Hope you have a listen, enjoy and tell me what your favourite songs at the moment are!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hello! I've decided to do a new little series where each month I'll make a playlist of all the songs that I've been loving and will be playing that month (I hope that makes sense.. essentially it's a monthly playlist). I love music and I think that this is a cool way for you guys to get to know me a bit better. I also wanted to add that my music taste a little different but I hope you'll enjoy it!

I have complied a playlist with some of my favourite songs. As you can probably tell I like more 'electronic' stuff. I love Bondax and The 1975 (I'm seeing The 1975 in 3 weeks!) so I have heaps of music by them in my playlist. Chet Faker has been one of my favourite artists for a long time so he made an appearance too. A fairly new favourite is HWLS which is Ta-ku (again one of my long time favourite artists) with Kit Pop and their song 004 which been stuck in my head! Call Me Maybe was one of those songs where I didn't know if people actually liked the song or not. Personally (no hate), I didn't like it but I have to admit it was pretty catchy and one of those silly songs you can dance to; The Saint Pepsi remix of the song is absolutely amazing though! And last but not least, it's Flume! Another great artist from Australia whose album was great and his remix's are too. At first, I wasn't really into Flume but he has really grown on me and the music he creates is so good.

I have a couple of other songs that I don't think are available on Soundcloud yet, so here's a couple more songs!

I found out about Low Res from Ella Grace's most recent youtube video (x) and I really love their music! My favourite is a song called Outside. The whole album is free to download so I would definitely check it out!

One of my secret (not so secret now..) 'guilty pleasure' artists is Ariana Grande. I think her range is so flipping awesome and she's also so beautiful! I've been listening to Yours Truly a lot and I can't wait for her new album, My Everything coming out soon! My favourite song recently has been Problem (surprise surprise)!

That's it for today! I really hope you enjoy listening to my music. Tell me some of your favourite songs below!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

source: We Heart It
Hello! It's been a while since I posted here; I definitely underestimated how hard it is to blog. Anyway, since the freezing cold (it's not really 'freezing cold'; it's only 18 degrees Celsius) has finally come to Australia, I decided to post about my Winter fashion staples.

R: Cheap Monday | L: Verge Girl
Black jeans/pants: A simple, yet versatile piece in a Winter wardrobe. Black is a neutral colour so it will match with most of your clothing. A pair of black pants are great for the workplace or for dressing down an outfit and for casual outfits, they are always comfortable and stylish to wear. Personally, I like skinny pants/jeans just because they're super comfortable and easier to tuck into a pair of boots. Also since I'm quite short, pants and jeans tend to be way to long for me so if like me you are short, get a cropped pair so they fit well and snuggly around the ankle.  I love pairing them with plain blouse for a simple, yet classy look.
Brands: Basically every store! Some suggestions are Runway Bandit, Verge Girl, Ksubi, ASOS and Levis.

Top: Windsor Smith | Bottom: Lipstik Shoes
Chelsea Boots: Again, a simple yet versatile piece in a Winter wardrobe. Its classic pull-on style means that they're a staple in every wardrobe. Some have a chunky heel, giving you some height without being painful. They're great for tucking in some jeans or pants into or can be worn with dresses and skirts which I find tends to give a more 'boho' and casual look.  I would find a pair of boots that are good quality and are comfortable to wear, even if they are more expensive; remember quality over quantity!
Brands: Again, many stores! I suggest checking out Windsor Smith and Lipstik Shoes for good quality boots.

L: H&M | R: Sheinside
Faux Fur: Whether it's a faux fur vest or a coat with a faux fur trimmed hood, I find faux fur quite classy. It can instantly add warmth and even when paired with a white top and jeans, it can make an outfit more put together. Even when it's a small detail (like a faux fur trim), it can instantly put together an outfit. This winter, I'll be wearing a 'shaggy' faux fur cardigan which I know will keep me warm and fashionable all winter.
Brands: Cotton On, Minkpink, Sage & Akari and ASOS

Delicate Jewelry: This accessory piece is a must have for every Winter wardrobe. When wearing thicker, chunkier knits I find it harder to pair it with big pieces of jewelry and since I don't tend to wear very bright knits, I want to wear some jewelry to liven up an outfit. The solution for me is delicate jewelry. I find that delicate jewelry makes an outfit more elegant and again, more put together. It adds a little 'something' and when you add a touch of neon, you can instantly brighten up an outfit. These minimal beauties are easily layered which can create the illusion of a big piece of jewelry but won't clash with your outfit.
Brands: Etsy (I personally love E and E project) and check out my DIY coming soon!

L: Glue | R: MarketHQ
Monochrome tops: This trend has been going on for a while now and I think it looks really classy. It's quite simple, but gives a classic look. For the winter, solid coloured, patterned tops and mixed materials are a staple in every Winter wardrobe. Whether it’s a striped jumper, a white blouse or a shirt with leather sleeves, they will all look perfect for winter. If you don't want a statement monochrome top, most shops stock basic black and white tops and jumpers to keep you warm in the Winter. I would definitely stock up on a monochrome tops since I really doubt wearing white or black will ever go out of fashion!
Brands: So many! Glue, H&M, Glassons, ASOS, River Island and MarketHQ

Well that's it for me! I hope you get some inspiration for Winter shopping and the upcoming sales (YAY!). I'll be on holidays soon so I may post more however, being in the
 last year of school it means that I have heaps of tests and assignments which all count towards my mark to get into university and right after these holidays, I have some super hard tests. I doubt I'll be studying 24/7 and I do need breaks so fingers-crossed I will post!

Tell me your favourite Winter staples below! 

(P.S: I just wanted to add a little disclaimer just in case anyone thinks I'm being sponsored by a brand to do this post. I'm not being sponsored and all of the brands mentioned are my favourite brands which I shop from :) )


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello! Sorry for being away from this blog recently but school has recently started and it's been pretty busy! However, today I'll be sharing a little breakfast recipe of mine that is really easy to make. Now, even when I'm rushed in the morning, I can still have my most important meal of the day!

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1/2 cup of milk (you can use any kind you want; I usually use full cream)
  • 1/2 banana (you can use 1/2 cup of yoghurt)
  • 1/2 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 Tbsp honey
  • Sultanas, frozen berries, cinnamon.. Basically any toppings you want!

  1. Mash up your banana.
  1. Combine your oats, milk and mashed banana together and stir. I usually have my oats in a mason jar so it's easier to transport but you can use anything you wish.
  1. Now add in your chia seeds and honey. You can change the amount of chia seeds and honey as you wish; I usually just eye it. If you want, you can add a dash of cinnamon and sultanas in now too.
  1. Stir till all your ingredients are combined and either wrap it up in cling wrap if it's in a bowl or put your lid on your jar.
  1. Put it in the fridge and leave it overnight to thicken.

In the morning, I generally microwave it for about 30 seconds and then put some berries, sultanas and yoghurt. You can use anything really!

The ratio is about 1:1:1 for oats, milk and the banana but you can definitely change it if you like your oats thicker or thinner. I would add less milk, more oats and more chia seeds for thicker oats and more milk for thinner oats. This recipe will produce quite thick oats so keep that in mind!
Also, this recipe is very versatile. If you don't need to use the chia seeds or honey and there are heaps of other alternatives like flaxseed or vanilla essence (I would use maximum of one teaspoon for the vanilla essence).

Health Benefits of Chia seeds:
They are considered a 'superfood' and I'm obsessed. I love how it expands and the texture changes after being in water. Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3 which is essential for brain health. It's not as easy to digest as fish but it doesn't have a fishy taste. Chia seeds are also packed with fiber which helps bowel function, lower cholesterol and controls blood glucose levels. It's filled with nutrients and vitamins like calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin D.

That's all from me today! I hope you enjoyed this little recipe and try it out soon!
What's your favourite quick breakfasts? Tell me below!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chanel Fall 2014 RTW
Hello! It finally feels like autumn has finally come so today I'll be sharing some beauty trends you should try this Autumn/Winter straight from Fashion Week!

Valentino Fall 2014 RTW | Giorgio Armani Fall 2014 RTW
Grey was used in so many looks at Fashion Week, whether it was used as liner or eyeshadow all over the eye. Charcoal grey is actually a really nice colour to use because it can define your eyes and make your lashes look fuller and longer, without being as harsh as a black. It would also be a nice colour for a day to night look because it looks nice on most eye colours. 
Valentino used grey liner for definition and products like Revlon's Colorstay Eyeliner in Charcoal can be used to recreate this look. Just line your upper lash line with these products and apply mascara. If you want you can line your waterline with grey, but using a white or nude eyeliner will help open up your eyes and make them seem bigger. Great for a natural look for school or work.

Giorgio Armani used grey eye shadow all over the lid. Using a darker eye shadow, is great for a night look or if you want to subtly darken your eye look. Use something like Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt, MAC's Knight Divine (shimmery silver grey with blue undertones), Scene (blue-grey with a slight sheen but no shimmer or glitter), Print (dark grey with semi matte finish), Silver Ring (mid toned grey with slight shimmer) or Copperplate (a matte grey-brown). Rimmel also does palettes like the Glam Eyes Quad in Smokey Noir or the Glam Eyes HD in Black Cab. Apply the grey eyeshadow over your eyelid and blend it out and if you want, smudge some under your lower lash line.  You can also  blend a matte brown for a more daytime look.  Remember to use a primer so it doesn't look muddy.

Dark lips:
Zimmermann Fall 2014 RTW | Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014 RTW | Giorgio Armani Fall 2014 RTW
I love dark lips for the winter and I was so glad to see some vampy lips at Fashion Week. There are so many shades for vampy lips ranging from purples to more burgundy colours, so you're bound to find one for your skin tone.

Zimmermann used a lovely dark lipstick called CK's One Colour Pure Colour in Velvet (currently discontinued) which is a dark burgundy and quite 'Lorde-esque'. Rebecca Minkoff also used Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Amore which is a plum shade which is perfect for Autumn/Winter. Now, dark lipsticks may be daunting but start by trying something like Rimmel Kate Moss Matte in 107 (my personal favourite) or Revlon's Matte Balm Stain in Standout and slowly get more 'vampy' when you want to. Other colours for a lovely dark lip are MAC's Media, MAC's Darkside or Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry (I haven't been able to find this colour recently and I'm hoping it isn't discontinued!). Remember with a dark lipstick to apply a lip liner first!

Again, if you are a bit scared of wearing a dark lip, try applying a darker lip colour and then blotting it off.
Giorgio Armani used their lipstick called Rouge Ecstacy Lipstick in 602 Night Viper. It's a beautiful purple/plum which was blotted off. Tibi used Bobbi Brown's Creamy Matte Lip Colour in Port (limited edition from 2009) which was blotted off but created a perfect Autumn lip. Try something like Korres' Lip Butter in Wild Rose or Revlon's Lip Butter in Red Velvet or just blot off a darker lipstick.

 Fendi Fall 2014 RTW | Versace Fall 2014 RTW | 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2014 RTW
Fashion Week featured heaps of heavy contouring and whilst obviously when you contour it doesn't have to be heavy, but adding some dimension is always good! 
Fendi and Versace used a taupe shade for contouring. This might seem strange but a taupe shade is actually more natural than a bronzer. Contouring is meant to create shadows, which a shimmery bronzer with more red/orange tones (just generalising here) cannot do. A taupe shade is perfect for creating shadows but keep in mind this is for those who are more pale. 
Products like NYX's blush in Taupe and Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in Hollow are great for contouring with taupe. 
3.1 Phillip Lim also used contouring however didn't use a taupe shade. Instead they used NARS' Nico blush ('natural glow' blush shade) + Zen blush (brown/tawny blush shade). This created a more glowy look on the cheeks, but was still contoured which looks great for the winter to add warmth. Which ever way you contour, the key is to create shadow! 
If you have darker skin a taupe shade will appear muddy so go for a matte bronzer with more grey tones and less orange tones like TheBalm's Bahama Mama Bronzer or as a general rule, use foundation that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone. 

Pop of colour:
Kenzo Fall 2014 RTW | Giles Fall 2014 RTW | Chloé Fall 2014 RTW
I feel like a having a pop of colour in Autum/Winter is very cliché, but this year Chanel (pictured as header) and Kenzo both sported pops of colour in the form of winged liner. Inglot Gel Liner and Face of Australia Budgeproof Gel Liner are great gel liners with some bright colours in their range. If you prefer liquid, Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay have some budgeproof liquid liners, however some are shimmery. You could also use a pencil liner to create winged liners if you want! 
Giles had their pop of colour on the waterline and used MAC'sChromographic Pencil in Hi-Def Cyan which is a PRO Product (you can still buy it though). Products to use for this look would be something like Maybelline's Colour Show liners or if you find bright pops of colour a bit daunting try Tarte's Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliners which have some more neutral colours. If you don't want to invest into something expensive try Essence's Long Lasting Liners or Australis' 10hr Wear Pencil. Apply a neutral wash of colour over the lid. Giles actually used MAC's eyeshadow in Copperplate and Scene (greys I mentioned above).
Chloé had their pop of colour in the form of a wash of colour over the lid and used MAC's eyeshadow in Beautiful Iris which is a lovely lilac eyeshadow (with a great name too) and blended this out with a taupe shade. bh Cosmetics and Coastal Scents have massive palettes with pigmented shadows which would be great for this look. Remember to blend out with a taupe or brown shade!

Fresh face:

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 RTW | Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 RTW | Stella McCartney Fall 2014 RTW
Now an over-riding look at Fashion Week had to be a natural, healthy looking face. So many brands had fresh and natural faces such as Dolce & Gabbana, Diane von Furstenberg, Prabal Gurung and Stella McCartney just to name a few! Definitely shop around for a blush that is natural and will help create that healthy flush in your cheeks all through Autumn and Winter. Brands like Tarte, NYX, elf, Milani and NARS do amazing blushes, so just shop around for the blush that matches your skin tone. To enhance your healthy glow, use a highlighter like TheBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer or Benefit's Watts Up. Natural face makeup is a must!

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014 RTW Nails - Essie Midnight Cami and Bahama Mama
To me, Autumn/Winter nails usually consist of darker shades and this season it's no different. On the runway, darker purples were a trend as well as darker reds/plums. Burberry used one of their colours called Elderberry which will be available later this year, but it is a lovely plum colour. Other colours that would look great are Essie's Midnight Cami (a very deep navy with shimmer), Bahama Mama (berry plum) and After school Boy Blazer (very dark navy that looks almost black) or OPI's Linkin Park After Dark. Revlon's Vixen and Covergirl's Wine Stain nail polishes are also great colours. 

Neutrals are always a hit no matter what season. Some suggestions are Rimmel's Salon Pro Nail Polish in Oh, Mr Darcy (I saw this in Target the other day but it's not online) or Topshop's Threadbare (this is one of my favourite nail polishes). Maybelline also has a new collection called "Striped Nudes" with neutral nail polish shades. Now if you don't want to wear a dark colour, but still want a bit of colour try an ice blue like Essie's Find Me an Oasis.

Sorry for taking so long to publish a post; my laptop randomly shuts down and it's getting really annoying. What are your favourite A/W beauty trends? Comment below!  

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's my birthday in less than a week and I'm turning 17 on the 7th of April! Sadly, I have tests for the whole of that week so I decided to whip up a quick little birthday wish list (*procrastination*). Please keep in mind that I will most probably not receive any of these things but I can dream right? Here goes:

  1. Nike Free 5.0+ in Black & White:  For the past year or so, I've been working out on and off. Blogilates is what I usually do and I've also done some jogging. I really wanted the bright Frees a while ago, but now I'm thinking the black and white Frees will be really nice. I'm hoping that new workout clothes will motivate me to workout more consistently!

  1. Real Techniques brushes: This was on my birthday wish list last year, but I didn't get it so once again it's on my list again. I'm guessing that means that I really want these brushes! The Core Collection alone is a whopping $40 at Priceline , so I'll see if I can get them on iHerb. The specific brushes I want is the Core Collection, Expert Face brush and the Blush brush. The eye set brushes look too big for me on my small eyes and not really practical for me. Fingers crossed I might actually get this!

  1. It by Alexa Chung: I love Alexa Chung! She is so beautiful and I love her style and when I heard that she was releasing a book, I wanted to get my hands on it. I tried really hard to win one, but unfortunately didn't win so onto the birthday wish list it goes! I've read an excerpt on Wattpad and it looks like a good read!

  1. Diptyque Candle in Baies: Sadly, these candles are nearly $80 here in Australia, but they look so classy and minimalistic! I'm not exactly sure which one I want, but the thought of actually having one makes me so happy. I personally feel like Baies is one of the more popular Diptyque candles and I've heard that it has a fruity scent, so I would probably pick that one. They obviously are a luxury, but I'm not sure if I would spend $80 for a candle so fingers crossed I might get one for my birthday!

  1. MAC Lipstick: I don't own any MAC so this would be my first MAC product and I think a good first product would be one of their infamous lipsticks or eye shadows. As it will be winter soon, I would really love a dark red/plum colour. Again, not too sure which colour I specifically want but I've been eyeing Media or Ruby Woo.

  1. Naked  2 Palette:  I don't own a Naked Palette partly because of the big price tag that comes with it but I really want to get Naked 2! I personally don’t feel like the Naked Basics and Naked 3 Palette are for me. I'm still not sure whether I want Naked 1 or 2 but I have a Chi Chi Glamourous Eyes Palette in Nudes which supposedly is a dupe for Naked 1. The colours aren't as pigmented, but will do for now so Naked 2 palette for me!

And that’s it! It's quite a big list so I'm only really hoping to get 1 or 2 things from this list. What's on your wish list at the moment? Tell me in the comments down below!

I also wanted to mentioned that this will probably be the only post until next  Friday (11th April). I have quite a few tests and I'm my last year of school so they all count! I have heaps of posts planned and since it's the holidays after these tests, except heaps of posts soon! 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Summer is out and Autumn is here (doesn't feel like it though.. I'm craving some colder weather), in Australia! Summer was amazing, filled with good times with friends and family (and not a lot of studying), as well as some new beauty, hair and skincare finds:

NUDE BY NATURE 8 PIECE BRUSH SET: This brush set is absolutely amazing! The kit has 7 brushes and 1 sharpener, which are all great quality. The brushes are all super soft although for me, the eye brushes (there's a shader brush for all over the lid and one for blending) are a tad too big for my small eyes. My favourite brush is the kabuki brush (as pictured). It's great for applying powder and even after owning it for over a year, it hasn't shed! This kit is definitely a steal at only $29.95!

PROTANE MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL: Now, this is the first Argan Oil that I've tried and I'm usually put off by the expensive price tag, but I found this gem in Aldi for only $9.95! I considered trying the Moroccanoil Original because of its popularity, but I looked at the ingredients and they are basically the same (Moroccanoil Original actually has more ingredients, mostly fragrances). The actual Argan Oil portion of both products are third on the ingredients list (meaning that it's the third dominant ingredient if that makes any sense), so why would I pay 4 times more?! Anyway, the Protane Moroccan Argan Oil is a great product, making my hair super smooth and doesn't weigh it down. My go-to hair style in summer was just to sleep in plaits for nice waves to avoid more heat. By applying this to towel-dried hair, plaiting it and then sleeping, my hair was shiny and without frizz the next day! Perfect for those who are lazy when it comes to hair like me!

ST. IVES BLEMISH CONTROL SCRUB: I have combination/oily skin, so I am quite prone to breakouts. This is the second bottle of this scrub I've purchased and I still love it! The granules are pretty coarse so you don't need heaps of this product, but still gives a thorough clean. It is quite abrasive, so I only use this 2-3 times a week at most. This also contains 2% of salicylic acid which is a chemical exfoliator that is great for acne and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The smell is quite nice too (especially for summer) and this scrub is inexpensive too! 

RIMMEL STAY MATTE PRESSED POWDER: After seeing Tanya Burr using this in countless videos, I had to get one for myself to see for myself. I have it in 'Translucent' and it's great! In the summer, I don't like a full face of foundation, so I would just keep it minimal by covering blemishes with concealer and this powder over it. It kept my skin looking even, not cakey and best of all.. matte! Many powders tend to wear off after a couple of hours, but I've found that this can keep my makeup in place for about 5 hours. It also doesn't leave a white cast on my face like other translucent powders have done. The packaging isn't the best, but the cheap price makes up for it!

FACE OF AUSTRALIA GLOSSY LIP CRAYON in 'RASPBERRY COULIS': Lip crayons and stains have become super popular recently. Face of Australia had a sheer lip crayon (I think in 2012), which I love and when I saw these new lip crayons I had to get one! These aren't the same as the sheer lip crayons though, they are a lot more pigmented (obviously) but still have a lovely consistency that is glossy, yet not sticky. They glide onto the lips nicely however they do slightly sink into the cracks of your lips. In the range, I have heard that some are more sheer than others, however I love Raspberry Coulis! It is a bright pink (for me), though more on wearable side. They don't tend to last for a long time sadly before it needs to be re-applied, only for an hour or 2 (at most) before it leaves a nice sheer layer of colour. It's so cheap though at $4.95 and Raspberry Coulis is the perfect summer pink!
FoA Lip Crayon in Raspberry Coulis

BOURJOIS COLOUR BOOST LIP CRAYON in ORANGE PUNCH: Can you see a trend here? I really love lip crayons. In the summer, they are so easy to apply and you don't have to worry about them 'melting' off. The Bourjois lip crayon is no exception! I have it in Orange Punch which is a rosy coral shade rather than a bright orange shade. It feels a bit stickier than the Face of Australia lip crayon, however it does have SPF 15 and lasts a lot longer; usually about 2-2.5 hours though it loses its gloss after about an hour. These lip crayons claim to be waterproof, which it is true but it does slightly wear off like most lip products would. It doesn't live to the 10 hour claim of hydration, but nevertheless they are great! 
Bourjois Lip Crayon in Orange Punch

MAYBELLINE MASTER PRECISE LINER in 'BLACKEST BLACK': Liquid liners are perfect in summer! This Maybelline Master Precise Liner lasts all day and has a super thin tip. It can create a perfect wing or just define your eye with a thin line near the base of your lashes. This liner however does slightly fade when it is a super hot day after a good 3 hours or so (I do have oily eyelids too). It has great pigmentation and my holy grail liquid liner.

LUSH TEA TREE WATER: This Lush toner is my absolute favourite, especially in the sweltering summer heat. On my makeup free days (which is quite frequent in the summer), my skin gets oily and shiny due to the heat, but this toner can control my oily skin. I find that this product is gentle and doesn't sting when applied to your skin and it is 100% alcohol free! Rather than zapping your zits away overnight, this product controls your oil over time and therefore prevents breakouts over time. It also clears up your skin so you aren't left with makeup or cleanser on your skin. It's in a spray bottle, so you can spray directly onto your face or use a cotton ball and apply to your face. 

LUCAS' PAPAW OINTMENT: I feel like this a staple product for all Australians and probably many around the world. It has so many uses including using it for dry skin, cuts and grazes but I use it for my chapped lips. It provides a nice gloss to the lips and nourishes them so nicely. It's nice to use this product in the summer when you don't want to add a layer of colour, but still want your lips to be moisturised and look glossy. It's so cheap and I can never leave the house without this product! 

MAYBELLINE COLOUR TATTOO in 'BARELY BRANDED': I think everyone either has or knows about this product and how amazing it is, so I'll keep this short. Barely Branded is a lovely champagne colour which can be applied as an eyeshadow base, or just as a wash of colour all over your lid (like I did all through the summer). It brightens the eye and lasts for a long time, which can compliment most skin colours! I have heard that this creases but I haven't had it crease on me! It has a good pigmentation, that can be applied more sheer or very heavily. 

MAYBELLINE COLOUR SHOW NAIL COLOUR in 'PORCELAIN PARTY': This summer, I tried white nail polish. You either love it or hate it, but I love it! In the summer it makes you look tanner and something about it makes me feel somewhat.. edgy. Anyway, a lot of white nail polishes aren't opaque but this one by Maybelline is very pigmented! It does need two coats and can be streaky sometimes (a coat of a good top coat fixes this) but I still love it. 

AUSTRALIS NAIL COLOUR in 'CITRUS': This Australis product definitely impressed me. The formula is perfect; not streaky, great pigmentation, quick drying, perfect peachy orange (not Citrus like the name suggests)! You can seal this polish with a top coat, but it's not a must. It is a lovely colour for the summer and spring, especially for beach days and stays on for about 2-3 days with a top coat.

'Porcelain Party' on the top, 'Citrus' on the bottom
That's all! Thank you for putting up with me and my first ever post! Hopefully you enjoyed and got some inspiration! What are your favourite summer products? Tell me below!
Have a lovely day!
Iris :)