Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's my birthday in less than a week and I'm turning 17 on the 7th of April! Sadly, I have tests for the whole of that week so I decided to whip up a quick little birthday wish list (*procrastination*). Please keep in mind that I will most probably not receive any of these things but I can dream right? Here goes:

  1. Nike Free 5.0+ in Black & White:  For the past year or so, I've been working out on and off. Blogilates is what I usually do and I've also done some jogging. I really wanted the bright Frees a while ago, but now I'm thinking the black and white Frees will be really nice. I'm hoping that new workout clothes will motivate me to workout more consistently!

  1. Real Techniques brushes: This was on my birthday wish list last year, but I didn't get it so once again it's on my list again. I'm guessing that means that I really want these brushes! The Core Collection alone is a whopping $40 at Priceline , so I'll see if I can get them on iHerb. The specific brushes I want is the Core Collection, Expert Face brush and the Blush brush. The eye set brushes look too big for me on my small eyes and not really practical for me. Fingers crossed I might actually get this!

  1. It by Alexa Chung: I love Alexa Chung! She is so beautiful and I love her style and when I heard that she was releasing a book, I wanted to get my hands on it. I tried really hard to win one, but unfortunately didn't win so onto the birthday wish list it goes! I've read an excerpt on Wattpad and it looks like a good read!

  1. Diptyque Candle in Baies: Sadly, these candles are nearly $80 here in Australia, but they look so classy and minimalistic! I'm not exactly sure which one I want, but the thought of actually having one makes me so happy. I personally feel like Baies is one of the more popular Diptyque candles and I've heard that it has a fruity scent, so I would probably pick that one. They obviously are a luxury, but I'm not sure if I would spend $80 for a candle so fingers crossed I might get one for my birthday!

  1. MAC Lipstick: I don't own any MAC so this would be my first MAC product and I think a good first product would be one of their infamous lipsticks or eye shadows. As it will be winter soon, I would really love a dark red/plum colour. Again, not too sure which colour I specifically want but I've been eyeing Media or Ruby Woo.

  1. Naked  2 Palette:  I don't own a Naked Palette partly because of the big price tag that comes with it but I really want to get Naked 2! I personally don’t feel like the Naked Basics and Naked 3 Palette are for me. I'm still not sure whether I want Naked 1 or 2 but I have a Chi Chi Glamourous Eyes Palette in Nudes which supposedly is a dupe for Naked 1. The colours aren't as pigmented, but will do for now so Naked 2 palette for me!

And that’s it! It's quite a big list so I'm only really hoping to get 1 or 2 things from this list. What's on your wish list at the moment? Tell me in the comments down below!

I also wanted to mentioned that this will probably be the only post until next  Friday (11th April). I have quite a few tests and I'm my last year of school so they all count! I have heaps of posts planned and since it's the holidays after these tests, except heaps of posts soon! 

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