Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello everyone! Sorry for the unannounced departure from this little corner of the internet but I am here to say I am back! Several things have happened since my last post which has preoccupied me so I thought it would be best to do a little update: 

1. I graduated from high school and completed my HSC! 
I think I mentioned this before in other posts but I was quite busy with graduation and HSC (which is the equivalent to GCSE's etc, I think). Leaving school was quite bittersweet; I didn't especially like school but I really learned a lot (in an academic sense and about myself too) and I made life long friends there. It's one of those experiences where even though it wasn't enjoyable at times, I would probably go back and do it again as cliché as that is. I still remember the first day I walked into school as an acne ridden, shy and awkward kid and though I'm still acne ridden, shy and awkward, I've grown a lot and become comfortable in my own skin. 

2. Senior Formal/Prom
I also had my senior formal/prom and I was in the committee so lots of last minute prep had to be done. I'll see if I can insert a picture later but I don’t have many! I was hoping to do a video for Youtube but that didn't really turn out because setting up took longer than expected and then amidst my stress I forgot to film the video. I will be doing a New Years makeup tutorial though based off my formal makeup though! 

3. I lost my blog posts :( 
So this one is so annoying for me but I actually wrote all my blog posts on my school laptop and as mentioned, I've graduated so I had to give my laptop back. I put everything I needed onto a USB stick and then surprise surprise, nothing opens on my Mac (school laptop was a PC). It's not much but I did have some more blog posts planned out and even this blog post was just about ready to post. Now I have to re-write it and it's quite annoying. If anyone knows how to open an ".one" extension on my Mac please tell me! 

4. I got a job!
Recently, I got myself a job! I figured that since I'm not going anywhere these holidays, I could make some money and save for university (hopefully!). It's my second job and so far it's been my favourite! I've been getting heaps of shifts so my time is quite limited but I'm enjoying it so much. I've made some new friends and everyone is so lovely (and discounts are always a perk)! 

5. Youtube
I've loved Youtube for many many years and now that I've graduated, I decided to post videos! As I said before, my first Youtube video would've been my Senior Formal video but as that didn't go to plan, I've started a Christmas DIY series! There will be room décor, food, gift ideas etc for Christmas and then I'll be doing whatever comes to mind and whatever is suggested. I really hope you enjoy them and here's my first video: 

So there you are- that's what has been going on in my life for the past couple of weeks. I also wanted to mention that my blog will be 'under construction'. It'll still be accessible but right now, my comment section is hard to get to so hopefully I can fix it with my limited HTML skills. 

Hope you guys are having a lovely day! 

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