Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Hello! It's been a while since I posted here; I definitely underestimated how hard it is to blog. Anyway, since the freezing cold (it's not really 'freezing cold'; it's only 18 degrees Celsius) has finally come to Australia, I decided to post about my Winter fashion staples.

R: Cheap Monday | L: Verge Girl
Black jeans/pants: A simple, yet versatile piece in a Winter wardrobe. Black is a neutral colour so it will match with most of your clothing. A pair of black pants are great for the workplace or for dressing down an outfit and for casual outfits, they are always comfortable and stylish to wear. Personally, I like skinny pants/jeans just because they're super comfortable and easier to tuck into a pair of boots. Also since I'm quite short, pants and jeans tend to be way to long for me so if like me you are short, get a cropped pair so they fit well and snuggly around the ankle.  I love pairing them with plain blouse for a simple, yet classy look.
Brands: Basically every store! Some suggestions are Runway Bandit, Verge Girl, Ksubi, ASOS and Levis.

Top: Windsor Smith | Bottom: Lipstik Shoes
Chelsea Boots: Again, a simple yet versatile piece in a Winter wardrobe. Its classic pull-on style means that they're a staple in every wardrobe. Some have a chunky heel, giving you some height without being painful. They're great for tucking in some jeans or pants into or can be worn with dresses and skirts which I find tends to give a more 'boho' and casual look.  I would find a pair of boots that are good quality and are comfortable to wear, even if they are more expensive; remember quality over quantity!
Brands: Again, many stores! I suggest checking out Windsor Smith and Lipstik Shoes for good quality boots.

L: H&M | R: Sheinside
Faux Fur: Whether it's a faux fur vest or a coat with a faux fur trimmed hood, I find faux fur quite classy. It can instantly add warmth and even when paired with a white top and jeans, it can make an outfit more put together. Even when it's a small detail (like a faux fur trim), it can instantly put together an outfit. This winter, I'll be wearing a 'shaggy' faux fur cardigan which I know will keep me warm and fashionable all winter.
Brands: Cotton On, Minkpink, Sage & Akari and ASOS

Delicate Jewelry: This accessory piece is a must have for every Winter wardrobe. When wearing thicker, chunkier knits I find it harder to pair it with big pieces of jewelry and since I don't tend to wear very bright knits, I want to wear some jewelry to liven up an outfit. The solution for me is delicate jewelry. I find that delicate jewelry makes an outfit more elegant and again, more put together. It adds a little 'something' and when you add a touch of neon, you can instantly brighten up an outfit. These minimal beauties are easily layered which can create the illusion of a big piece of jewelry but won't clash with your outfit.
Brands: Etsy (I personally love E and E project) and check out my DIY coming soon!

L: Glue | R: MarketHQ
Monochrome tops: This trend has been going on for a while now and I think it looks really classy. It's quite simple, but gives a classic look. For the winter, solid coloured, patterned tops and mixed materials are a staple in every Winter wardrobe. Whether it’s a striped jumper, a white blouse or a shirt with leather sleeves, they will all look perfect for winter. If you don't want a statement monochrome top, most shops stock basic black and white tops and jumpers to keep you warm in the Winter. I would definitely stock up on a monochrome tops since I really doubt wearing white or black will ever go out of fashion!
Brands: So many! Glue, H&M, Glassons, ASOS, River Island and MarketHQ

Well that's it for me! I hope you get some inspiration for Winter shopping and the upcoming sales (YAY!). I'll be on holidays soon so I may post more however, being in the
 last year of school it means that I have heaps of tests and assignments which all count towards my mark to get into university and right after these holidays, I have some super hard tests. I doubt I'll be studying 24/7 and I do need breaks so fingers-crossed I will post!

Tell me your favourite Winter staples below! 

(P.S: I just wanted to add a little disclaimer just in case anyone thinks I'm being sponsored by a brand to do this post. I'm not being sponsored and all of the brands mentioned are my favourite brands which I shop from :) )

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