Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hello! I've decided to do a new little series where each month I'll make a playlist of all the songs that I've been loving and will be playing that month (I hope that makes sense.. essentially it's a monthly playlist). I love music and I think that this is a cool way for you guys to get to know me a bit better. I also wanted to add that my music taste a little different but I hope you'll enjoy it!

I have complied a playlist with some of my favourite songs. As you can probably tell I like more 'electronic' stuff. I love Bondax and The 1975 (I'm seeing The 1975 in 3 weeks!) so I have heaps of music by them in my playlist. Chet Faker has been one of my favourite artists for a long time so he made an appearance too. A fairly new favourite is HWLS which is Ta-ku (again one of my long time favourite artists) with Kit Pop and their song 004 which been stuck in my head! Call Me Maybe was one of those songs where I didn't know if people actually liked the song or not. Personally (no hate), I didn't like it but I have to admit it was pretty catchy and one of those silly songs you can dance to; The Saint Pepsi remix of the song is absolutely amazing though! And last but not least, it's Flume! Another great artist from Australia whose album was great and his remix's are too. At first, I wasn't really into Flume but he has really grown on me and the music he creates is so good.

I have a couple of other songs that I don't think are available on Soundcloud yet, so here's a couple more songs!

I found out about Low Res from Ella Grace's most recent youtube video (x) and I really love their music! My favourite is a song called Outside. The whole album is free to download so I would definitely check it out!

One of my secret (not so secret now..) 'guilty pleasure' artists is Ariana Grande. I think her range is so flipping awesome and she's also so beautiful! I've been listening to Yours Truly a lot and I can't wait for her new album, My Everything coming out soon! My favourite song recently has been Problem (surprise surprise)!

That's it for today! I really hope you enjoy listening to my music. Tell me some of your favourite songs below!

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