Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hello! Sorry for being away for so long; exams occupied so much of my time seeing as they count towards my final mark for this year. All that's left now is for me to finish my major works and then another round of exams in a couple of months and then I finish high school (apparently we have around 40 days of actual school left!)!  
Anyway, it's that time of the month where I will show you some of the songs I will be listening to this month. Let's get started: 

So, first off we have a little 'blast in the past' with Bondax and their remix of No Diggity. This song was probably one of the first songs I heard from them and I've recently rekindled my love for this song.
Next, is a remix of Disclosure's song January by Kaytranada. I haven't really heard much by Kaytranada but I love this remix! This song reminds me of summer, which I'm currently craving.
Recently, I've been hooked on the Summer Playlist by JacksGap which is why two of my favourites from it is featured in my own playlist. I've been loving the Kygo remix of Ed Sheeran's, I See Fire and Lucy Stone by KAASI.
You might remember from my last playlist that I mentioned that Ta-ku is one of my favourite artists. This month I have a great song by him called We Were In Love. Great song in a great EP - definitely take a listen!
Going along the Ta-ku theme, the remix of Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker is also in the playlist. Ta-ku create an amazing remix which is somewhat.. sensual? Nevertheless, amazing remix and take a look at the song cover (I'm pretty sure it calls for the heart eyed emoji..)!
Next is a cover by Vancouver Sleep Clinic. I discovered them a couple of months back and their cover of Hold On We're Going Home (originally by Drake) with GXNXVS is breathtaking (it's as if Bon Iver did a cover of this song.. might just be me though). They give it a beautiful, mellow 'vibe' if you will and I think it's lovely. The fact that they released an EP earlier in the year and that they're around my age also makes me feel like I need to get my butt off the couch and do something with my life.
Nearing the end now we have a song by Darius. Again, it might just be me but I think Darius reminds me of Bondax or Snakehips. Anyway, one of my favourites is Espoir.
Last but not least is a remix of MØ's XXX88 by Oceaán. I heard this remix the day it came out and 9 months on, it hasn't gotten old and is still one of my favourites. Never gets old!

That's it for this month's playlist. Hope you have a listen, enjoy and tell me what your favourite songs at the moment are!

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